Selling Your Matiz

Unfortunately, the day may come when you want to sell your Matiz.

So how do you get a good price for it? Here’s what you need:

A Clean Car - take out all your personal effects (shoes, jackets, bags, boxes and crisp packets) and give your Matiz a good clean up, inside and out. Check out our Top Tips page for adding extra sparkle.

A Good Photo - if the buyer can’t see what they're buying they will probably skip over it. Consider taking your car for a run in the countryside or to a local park to get an attractive photo with a scenic backdrop. You can get some photo ideas if you look through our Matiz Photo Gallery. A crouching shot from the front at an angle looks quite good.

Personalised Plates - transfer or retain your personalised registration before you sell the vehicle. If you don’t, you’ll lose your entitlement to the registration number.

Gather up your Documents - Registration Certificate V5C, MOT Certificate, Owners Manual, Service History Log Book, check your history to see if it is fully stamped or missing any services. You may be able to ask a garage to stamp retrospectively if they carried out the service but didn’t complete your log book.

Be Realistic - research your selling price by looking at other listings or use a quick valuation service such as the one on Parkers. Take into account the condition of your Matiz and think about the pros and cons. Remember your buyer may not know as much about the Matiz as you do, so remind them about the low running costs, excellent MPG (it was in the Guinness Book of Records) and lower tax disc benefits as well as other selling points such as dual airbags, side impact bars and the NCAP safety record. You can refer to our full list of Matiz Specifications in your advertisement.

Advertise Online - a low cost solution to reach a wide audience. For example on you can Sell your Matiz for just £10. This includes a six week listing on their web site, with up to 10 images, and you can update your advert at any time. Your advert will appear on its own page together with contact form and essential details. Check out their Daewoo Matiz Used Cars listings for ideas. There are other places you can sell your Matiz listed on our Buying a Matiz page but we recommend because they have so many listings for Used Cars under £1000, which is a natural fit for the Matiz market.

Write it Down - whether you’re buying or selling, write down on a receipt all the relevant information including transferred warranty coverage versus ‘as is’ condition, purchase price, speedometer readings, buyer/seller contact information, date and signatures, and create two copies, one for you and one for them.

The DVLA gives some simple steps you can take to protect yourself from becoming a victim of crime when selling your vehicle:

  • It’s worth remembering that thieves can pose as potential buyers.
  • Never let the buyer go on a test drive alone as they may not come back.
  • Don’t leave the buyer alone with your keys in the ignition.
  • Know where the VIN number is as the buyer may want to check this. A Matiz VIN number is near the bottom of the windscreen, towards the right or left corner depending on whether you have a right hand or left hand drive vehicle. An example VIN looks like this... KL1MJ6A04AC113536.
  • Be careful when accepting cheques or banker’s drafts, don’t part with your car until you’re sure the payment is genuine - if in doubt, contact your bank.
  • It’s also worth asking the buyer for a form of identity, satisfying yourself that it looks genuine, alternatively the buyer may ask to see proof of your identity.

Dave Long, Managing Director of BuyYourCar, also gives advice on car buying scams. He advises against selling or buying a car internationally online because of the high risk of sophisticated fraud. Do not sell to an international buyer and do not buy from an international seller. It is the easiest way to avoid becoming part of an international scam. Only deal with buyers and sellers in your own country.

He also warns against the costs of calling 09 and 070 numbers which are charged at a minimum rate of 35p a minute (and possibly a lot more). If you receive a missed call or a text to your phone from a number you don’t recognise - stop, and think twice before you even consider calling them back.

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