Fault code P0127
  • krissw November 2017
    Hi my ECM light has come on and on checking it the error code comes up as P0137 o2 sensor circuit low voltage Bank 1 sensor 2.. any ideas I was was thinking that it must be the lambda sensor but I am not sure and as far as I am aware the matiz on has one sensor on the exhaust? but I could be wrong.. I would be grateful for any ideas or input from anyone

  • lucas November 2017
    Hi Kris
    I cannot offer much help, but can give the following suggestions:
    1) Your fault code and diagnosis and repair are described on page 182 (1F-94) of section 1 of the service manual available on this site.
    2) My post dated 31 July under the heading 'Exhaust repair' describes my experience with removing this sensor from the front exhaust pipe.
    3) The wires to the sensor run under the carpet around the gear stick. There could be a short in the wire there. Just remove the gear stick housing and lift the relevant bits of carpet and you will see where the wire to the sensor passes out of the body shell. You can see all this on pages 415/416 (1G-3 and 1G-4) of the same section of the manual.
    4) Finally, it might just be a blip. Erase the code and see if it comes back!
    Good luck :-)
  • lucas November 2017
    Hi Kris again
    Sorry - I might have got the wrong sensor!
    Just noticed the fault diagnosis guide on page 182 refers to contact with the exhaust manifold, which suggests the sensor concerned is accessible under the bonnet.
    So please ignore suggestions 2) and 3) above and accept my apologies :-)

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