CVT warning light
  • desperado September 2017
    CVT warning light comes on and the transmission will not shift out of low. Any idea of how to repair this. Thanks
  • gray September 2017
    Put new oil in the box ? (If you're lucky.....) :)
  • lucas October 2017
    The gearbox oil is supposed to be changed every 20,000 miles, so gray's advice sounds like a good starting point if you have not changed it recently. It's not too tricky - I seem to remember there are pictures in the service manual or online somewhere. You will need a square-head key for the sump plug (I think about 9mm but I will check as I made one up and it must be somewhere), and some tubing to pour the fresh oil in through.
  • lucas October 2017
    Just checked and it is 10 mm square. I used some square-section steel bar, and cut a piece about 1 inch long. I am not referring to the main sump plug of course, but the gearbox drain plug.

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