failed emmission test
  • mickmack April 2017
    year 2000 matiz 3 cyl failed emmissions / it seems to be over fueling /plug are sooty and wet when engine is run /have replaced so far 3 injectors /idle control valve/checked throttle control valve/new cat exhaust/dist cap and leads /coil/checked petrol pump pressure at fuel rail ok/ pcv working /egr working/ thinking of changing distributer/ is it pos that ecu is duff/ also new valve guide seals fitted and cam belt/ when engine running and it run well smoke gets worse when it warms up / oil level stays the same all time / any input would be helpful / maybe a code scanner I could buy although engine light not being triggered
  • djjaam May 2017
    Hello, i suggest (maybe) you to check the water temperature sensor, when water gets warmer (engine is not cold anymore), the temperature tells the ECU to use less fuel when injecting to each cylinder.

    When engine is cold, the ECU injects more fuel, so if the ECU doesn't sense the correct temperature, it will think the engine is cold (this because combustion in cold temperature is harder, so you need a richer mix of oxygen/fuel).

    This is a possibility, this happened a friend with a Daewoo Racer (typical motor).
  • mickmack June 2017
    yes thanks for reply / I did change the water temp sender to the ecu / also distributer the map sender I think its called/just done compression test /all3 cyl around 185 / I have a leak down tester coming from china so will confirm good piston rings / then only thing left is wiring to ecu or ecu faulty / engine puts out bluish smoke when running
  • mickmack August 2017
    ok engine out/complete strip down /found pistons had good compresson rings but oil control rings were coked up and the drain holes all blocked behind these oil control rings /new set of rings fitted/ cylinders were glazed so I honed them /cross hatch/all back together and run in and no smoking when rev up like before / maybe quality of oil used was poor in the past / car is worth 400 euro and I spent 500 euro so result / this might save somebody with high emissions and blue make make the right decision

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