Winter Screeching...
  • gray December 2016
    Sounds like the power steering belt, in this damp weather,,, any idea how to adjust it, if it's loose - or indeed change it ?

    How many belts does it need ! :)

    (2004 1.0 SE)
  • LauraSWilde January 2017
    I have just replaced the fanbelt in mine (2002 0.8). It's a pain in the neck to do!

    There are two belts on mine; one for the power steering and one for the alternator.

    In order to change the alternator belt you have to take power steering one of as well.

    It's quite difficult to get to because everything is so compact - You have to remove the driver side wheel and then remove a plastic panel to get at it.

  • gray January 2017
    Thanks ! I've bought the new belts, still haven't got round to doing it yet :) It seems to have stopped now, but will give it a go when the nights are longer, and it's warmer ....unless it comes back with a vengeance.
  • LauraSWilde January 2017
    Haha - Might be worth checking you have the right belt. I went to two different places and each were selling me the same belt (which they determined using my reg) but it turns out that was the power steering belt (668 I think). When I found the one that had snapped (660) I just took that into my local autoshop to get a replacement. It was a nightmare getting to the fanbelt to discover I had been sold the wrong one!
  • gray February 2017
    I bought them both, from Eurocarparts when they had their 48% off sale (for a change !) , for about £6.50 each. :)

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