Check engine light
  • lucas August 2016
    Please does anyone know which connections to make in a 16-pin "D-shaped" (i.e. not perfectly rectangular) diagnostic socket such as I have on my 2004 1-litre model, in order to read out the error codes? And are the error codes the same as those posted previously for the 12-pin sockets? Many thanks.
  • lucas August 2016
    After putting up with the dreaded 'check engine' light for a while, I paid £24 to have the code read by a garage - they found the code P0480. I then found all the DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) in the engine section (section 01) of the service manual which can be downloaded from this site (brilliant). Once you have downloaded this section of the manual, you can see all the error codes on pages 143-145. Once you have found the code (P0480 means Low Speed Cooling Fan Relay Circuit Fault), you can scroll down until you find the section dealing with that fault (in my case, I had to scroll down to pages 318-320). I probably do not have the technical ability to follow the instructions to fix this, but at least I have some idea of what is going on. The garage cleared the code from the computer memory and the check engine light went off - but only for a while. Sadly it is now back on again and I am wondering what to do next. Maybe have some beer :-)
  • lucas September 2016
    An update for anyone out there who is interested... (anyone?)
    I got my son to order a gadget off amazon called ODBMATE OM123, which cost about £26. It plugs into the diagnostic socket under the glove compartment. It allows you to read and erase the check engine codes, and see data about your engine in real time (e.g. rpm, temperature, etc.). An amazing gadget and so much cheaper than the garage. Anyway, my code P0480 kept coming back, and so I fretted about the engine overheating due to low-speed fan circuit fault. Then I tried the live data feed with the engine running and found that the low-speed fan actually does work. It comes on at about 93 degrees C and switches off again at about 88 degrees C. So it is clearly operated by some sort of thermostat and doing its job. I cleared the check engine light, then sat on the drive with the engine running and the live data feed telling me the temperature of the engine, and listened to the low-speed fan switching on and off periodically. The check engine light stayed off. I was relieved and thought my problems were over. BUT .... BUT ... (mysterious event) ... the check engine light came on again as soon as I set off and got 100 yards down the road! The same error code P0480 showed up on the scanner again, but why? Why does it not show up until I drive somewhere, and why does it show up if the low-speed fan circuit is clearly doing its job? Incidentally, the high-speed fan circuit kicks in when you switch the air conditioning on (you can hear the difference). Well if anyone out there has any ideas, I would be grateful to hear them.
  • rodp November 2016
    Hi Lucas,

    Did you get this sorted? I'm guessing here so bear with me.... you could try swapping the relay that manages the fan. This sounds like a voltage sensing issue and dirty contacts might be the cause either on the relay or the connectors. If you have a multimeter you could check the voltage that is being supplied to the fan and also the resistance across various terminal as it says in the manual. Good luck.

  • lucas December 2016
    Hi Rod
    Thanks for your thoughts on this. The downloadable manual (from this site) intriguingly says that the code P0480 should not make the MIL light up! Anyway, I erase the code occasionally, and sometimes the light stays off and then comes back again after a while. Sometimes the light goes out on its own. So a rather erratic fault. But my little car runs just fine - I mean it does everything okay, so I have stopped worrying about the check engine light. However, I think your idea of faulty/dirty contacts is probably spot on. I'm afraid my brain goes a bit blank with multimeters, but I did try just removing the relays and reinserting them, but that made no difference. I then tried swapping some of them (with identical part numbers), and that actually did make a difference: the low-speed fan did not come on even 95 degrees, so I quickly swapped them back! I also went to a local breakers yard to try and find some replacement relays (they are about £12 on ebay). No luck there, but there is another breakers not too far away so I will try there. Basically, I need to find some time on a sunny day when I can apply an uncluttered mind to this puzzle. But your input is much appreciated - many thanks :-)
  • Federico October 2017
    Hi everyone,i am a new member. I have a matiz 800cc 2001. I recently changed the 12v battery because it was exhausted. From this point the engine starts and immediately stops and the engine check light stays on. The car was running perfectly before battery replacement. I checked the fuse box and I found nothing unusual.
    I need your help to understand what the problem is.
  • lucas October 2017
    Hi Federico
    I do not have any brilliant ideas to help, I'm afraid, but maybe you could buy one of the devices I mention earlier in this discussion, then you will have an indication of the fault. Or you might know someone who has one? Otherwise, there are some very helpful contributors on a site called You can find your way via Forum/Back room/Technical matters to search for suitable discussions and start your own if necessary. I have done this in the past and been offered plenty of good advice. Good luck :-)

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