OBD1 / ALDL Error codes
  • Hi all, I've got a 800cc mk1 matiz and have been scouring the internet for information on the ECU error codes after my check engine light came on. Turned out to be a simple temperature sensor this time.

    I figured it would be useful to put the codes and procedure together and post them here in case anyone else is facing the same struggle.

    Diagnostic Socket Location - Passenger side under dash

    To read error codes:
    1. Turn engine off
    2. Use a bent paperclip or short length of wire to link pins A and C
    3. Turn key to engine on position but DON'T start the engine
    4. Immediately count the numbers of flashes of the check engine lamp, 10 flashes = zero. There will be a short pause between pulses for numbers in each code then a longer pause between each code (if there is more than one). e.g 0201 Code (Injector #1 Fault) will be flashed as Ten Flashes , pause, Two Flashes, Pause, Ten Flashes, Pause, One Flash, Long Pause
    5. Read the code off the list below.

    There is a youtube video showing this at

    0105 Manifold air pressure sensor (MAP)
    0110 Manifold air temperature sensor (MAT)
    0115 Engine coolant temperature sensor (CTS)
    0120 Throttle position sensor (TPS)
    0130 Oxygen sensor circuit (EOC)
    0201 Injector cylinder #1 malfunction
    0202 Injector cylinder #2 malfunction
    0203 Injector cylinder #3 malfunction
    0320 Engine speed circuit malfunction
    0325 Knock sensor circuit malfunction
    0340 Camshaft position sensor malfunction
    0350 Ignition coil circuit malfunction
    0400 Exhaust gas recirculation flow (EGR)
    0440 Evaporative emission control system (EVAP)
    0500 Venicle speed sensor (VSS)
    0505 Idle air contro system (IAC)
    0560 Battery voltage malfunction
    0601 ECM malfunction
    1100 A/F correction malfunction
    1110 Adaptive A/F correction malfunction
    1500 A/C evaporator thermistor malfunction
    1510 Main relay output malfunction
    1600 Immobilizer error (no answer)
    1601 Immobilizer error (incorrect answer)
    1602 Immobilizer error (ECM locked)
    1610 Main relay solenoid malfunction
    1620 A/C compressor relay malfunction
    1630 Low speed cooling fan relay malfunction (LS/FAN)
    1631 High speed cooling fan relay malfunction (HS/FAN)

    Malfunction type:
    1 Short to battery / Short to ground / No singal
    2 Signal too high / Short to battery
    3 Signal too low / Short to ground
    4 No signal
    5 Signal incorrect

    Codes can be cleared by resetting the ECU. Note that each time this is done the ECU will have to go through its Idle learn procedure.

    Pull out ECU Fuses for 20 seconds
    Put in ECU Fuses
    Turn the ignition ON for 5 seconds.
    Turn the ignition OFF for 5 seconds.
    Start the engine in neutral.
    Allow the engine to run until the engine coolant is above 185° F (85°C ).
    Turn the A/C ON for 10 seconds, if equipped.
    Turn the A/C OFF for 10 seconds, if equipped.
    Turn the A/C ON for 10 seconds, if equipped.
    Turn the A/C OFF for 10 seconds, if equipped.
    Turn the ignition OFF. The idle learn procedure is complete.
  • Pin A is the far left pin in the bottom row

  • lucas August 2016
    This is very helpful - many thanks. Do you know if the procedure is the same for a 16-pin "D-shaped" (i.e. not perfectly rectangular) diagnostic socket such as I have on my 2004 1-litre Matiz? Don't want to make the wrong connections :-)
    Thanks - Lucas
  • martin200261 January 2017
    I think the newer 16 pin connectors are OBD2, you can buy cheap usb modules which can by used to read the fault codes. I've linked to one below but there are many to choose from.

  • lucas January 2017
    Hi Martin
    Thanks for your input. I did actually buy an ODBMATE OM123 for £26 off the Internet somewhere and it plugs into the 16-pin connector under the dash on the passenger side. I have described my adventures with this clever little device in another post called "Check Engine Light". Your description elsewhere of work on your engine is very interesting and will undoubtedly prove useful one of these days - many thanks :-)
  • jonath January 16
    Hi martin- please mine gasoline 2005 Daewoo Matiz has 12 pins OBD port under the letter box ,which scan tool can diagnose.needs your advise and recommendations please---

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