New User Registration - Contact Us to Request Your Invite Code
  • MyMatiz September 2013
    New members are very welcome to join us on our forum. However we have made a slight change to the forum registration process to help keep our forum spam free.

    If you would like to register please send an email to

    Please use an email subject of "New Member" for your email.

    When we receive your message we will see your email address and send you an invitation email. You will then be able to use your invite code to complete your registration.

    If we didn't do it this way then spammers would use automated software to create hundreds of fake applications and our forum would fill up with all sorts of unwanted posts within minutes. We hope you understand that this extra step in the registration process will help keep our forum spam free.

    Please allow 1 working day for us to reply - we will reply as soon as possible.

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