door leaking goo.
  • br9mp81 April 2013
    Has anyone else had this,the front drivers door on my 05 matiz is leaking a black sticky tar like substance from the inside of the door settling on the door sill i've never seen any thing like it on any car before.
  • hey, I have this problem aswell! It's in the exact same place on my 04 matiz, nobody seems to know what it is! :(
  • dave November 2013
    best thing is take door card off and see whats inside,may be just water sealant thats got to hot.....
  • lucas August 2016
    My car is doing exactly the same in just the same place! It's on a 54 plate so same vintage as the other two mentioned here. Also noticed central locking not working (if it ever did) - might be connected. Will investigate one day if I ever get some time :-)
  • rodp November 2016
    I Have this too - it got onto the seatbelt and messed up our clothes. Ii took the B panel cover off and found it's sealant to stop corrosion which when hot has been a litttle runny. Not alot you can do about it other than mop it up with some white spirit. I did in fact try as much as possible to ensure it was deflected away from the seat belt as it's a nightmare to scrub off. Hope this helps.


  • lucas December 2016
    Thanks to Rod's post, I decided to act and clean up the goo. Just scraped off as much as possible with a bit of wood and then white spirit on an old pair of socks! Car looks much smarter and is much happier - gotta love these little runabouts - they have such a good heart :-)
  • gray February 2017
    Mine (the wifes') has started doing it too !
  • djjaam May 2017
    That "goo" is some kind of bonding or sealing glue used when assembling the car parts, is this happening with hot weather?
  • lucas June 2017
    I think it might be to do with the temperature, as djjaam suggests. I had cleaned mine up nicely (see earlier comment) and now it has come back six months later at the beginning of summer. Maybe I will take the door lining off to investigate one day, but it's easy enough to clean up in the meanwhile.

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