Stopped dead
  • EarlGrey November 2012
    Lost spark. Crank angle sensor blamed, replaced distributor, still no good. Replaced plugs, leads, coil, still no good. Replaced computer, still no good. Any other sensors or wires that may cause disruption fault?
    1999 build, for Australia
  • South December 2012
    There is a fuse box under the hood of the Matiz. Go through the fuses and check to see if any need to be replaced, there are 3 square relay switches that also can be checked or replaced. One bad fuse can cause alot of trouble. Is it low spark [bad battery] or is it no spark whatsoever?
  • dave December 2012
    there may be another fuse box under driver side dash near gas pedal,not to sure what in it but may pay to have a look,hope this helps...

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