car battery of my matiz
  • pugz October 2012
    my car battery suddenly died. no lights,radio,wont start and all. I had to have it recharge on the nearest shop. my question is, how long does a battery last if it was just charged?
  • South October 2012
    If the battery just died and you did not leave lights on to cause it to die, its probably time for a new battery. One or more of the cells are bad. The charge wont last long. If it is a newer battery you should be fine. That being said, if the alternator belt fell off your Matiz, the battery will not charge and it will keep running the car until the battery has died. Check to make sure your belt is in place.
  • dave November 2012
    cold weather may be a part as the same thing happened to me last winter,just watch out for the air bag light as that will indicate the battery has run down if it light up you need to have it switched off by a garage.

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