Cleaning and Care of your Matiz

  • Turtle Wax - - Turtle Wax make a range of polishes and waxes for your car as well as wheel cleaner and carpet cleaner.
  • ZX1 - - An oil additive which reduces friction in the engine.
  • Wynns Bumper & Trim Shine - Foam Tyre Clean & Sheen - brings up tyres like new, just spray the tyre walls (not tread) with foam and leave for ten minutes. The foam dissipates leaving showroom clean tyres.
  • Black plastic trim going grey? Gavin McCormick says, "Use black shoe polish on the black trim under the windscreen to get rid of spots of grey."

Top Tip

  • Be careful when adding screen wash because undiluted liquid splashes can dull your paint work.


Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your Matiz in good working order. Apart from looking after the bodywork it is essential to check the condition of your tyres for cuts or lodged stones, tread depth and pressures, and fluid levels (oil, coolant, screenwash, etc) on a regular basis and before long trips. If you are getting your Matiz ready to sell it will also help to make sure that you have an MOT or Warrant of Fitness (WoF) that is less than a month old. You may be able to ask a garage to stamp retrospectively if they carried out the service but didn’t complete your log book. Ask a friend to help you check your lights including footbrake, handbrake, indicators, hazards, full and dipped beam, fog lights and interior lighting.

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