Car Insurance

Getting car insurance quotes can be quite time consuming but it pays to check around because some insurers will charge less than half the price of their competitors.

Useful options to look for include courtesy car replacement, European cover, adjustable excess fees, personal injury cover, breakdown assistance and windscreen replacement.

Some car insurers target specific groups of drivers such as drivers with more than three years no claims bonus. Including other drivers on your policy can bring the price down in some cases.

Gap Insurance

If you are contemplating buying a new Matiz you should consider gap insurance. If you buy a new car and it is written off in an accident standard insurance cover will only give you the current market value of the car and therefore you will not be able to get a replacement car. Gap insurance ensures that the shortfall would be covered should a write off occur. If you pay over £6000 for a car then it is recommended that you buy gap insurance.

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