Motel 6

Most comfortable stay at the most affordable price

To explore the vast area of American land, a road trip is an excellent choice, if you ask me. From the busy, crowded cities with those iconic high rises and amazing nightlife to the magnificent view of nature’s own goodness in the countryside, it’s like a perfect dinner from the champagne to dessert. This would be a lifetime experience for anyone, for some, it would be life-changing too! And on your road trip, you will need a safe place to stay at night, which should be affordable enough for every budget type. Our recommendation is Motel 6 ; we will explain why in a moment.

Motel 6

Before you start that road trip, you need to think about the expenses while traveling. Travelling is always an expensive affair, and if you’re going on the road trip across the whole USA, you must have a hefty amount in your bank. Though there will be many expenses on the way you won’t be able to think about beforehand, there are some fixed expenses you can be prepared for. Let’s start with car rental. A sturdy and reliable pickup or SUV would be ideal, cause you are going to face all kind of road conditions. Gas price would be another fixed expense, so include that as well. And of course, you will need a comfortable sleep each and every night after a long day driving. There are many motels which can be found easily almost everywhere in the USA. And the best part, these are affordable, so here you can save a few bucks for other expenses.

There are even cheaper options than a motel room like Airbnb you might think in your mind. If that’s the case, I will request you to think again, not only twice, but few times. While Airbnb is a great option considering it can be even cheaper than the motels, but there are many other things to consider when opting for one. In many places, using Airbnb room is actually illegal. Like in New York, it’s illegal to rent out a home for less than 30 days, yet you will find a plethora of rooms in New York available for just a single night. Think about authority knocking your door at night and kicking you out from the place, not to mention there will be some fines too! And this is not the only problem, and this is not New York alone. Airbnb, again is a great choice, unless you’re doing it for every night and in all the states/places across the USA.

Motel 6 is number one, and theres a reason

Here we will talk about Motel 6, the #1 motel chain in the USA as per some prominent hospitality magazines and a most favorite choice among frequent travelers. Their rooms are clean and energy efficient, their staffs are well trained and experienced, they don’t offer any so-called freebies (like that wifi connection, shampoo bottle or complimentary breakfast) cost of which are already included in your final bill regardless you use them or not. In terms of customer satisfaction, they rank among the toppers in any list – so you simply can’t go wrong with them.