Importance of engineering mechanics

Every Job and every person has a crucial role he/she needs to play in today’s society. It is important for everyone to understand how society works and why a single person cannot handle all the jobs which is why we all delegate the things others are better at than us. Just like doctors are better for health checkups we can’t ask an electrician for that same job no matter how smart that electrician is. This is the kind of society we are living in right now and truth be told it’s really efficient this way. Now we can say that with the growing population we cannot deny that every person who is working has an important role to play in keeping the balance in society but the truth is there are so many jobs that some seem like not so important than others. Of course when you look at the bigger perspective every job is like a piece of a chess game but we cannot hide the fact that a bishop is much more valuable than a pawn (not a great analogy but you can understand the point). 

Mechanics are also a crucial part of this society and no one really gives them a second thought but the whole world and traveling system can easily come to a halt if they were not there when we face problems with our vehicles. Usually, when we say mechanics most people think about people repairing under the hood and that is true but there is still a large portion of people in the same job. We just forget that they are mechanics too, people who repair larger vehicles like ships, planes, and trains. Granted there is a whole team who does things like these but the point is they are also mechanics and without them it will be really difficult to drive, steer, or fly a vehicle properly. The people repairing the big guns like planes and ships cannot possibly do it all alone which is why they recruit workers who are essentially low-level mechanics and people with mechanical engineering degrees to run the project so that they can make sure everything is working out properly. This can go without saying that these teams are an essential part of our society and we would not be able to function a single day without them being there for us.

We should start by looking at what will happen at a smaller scale when things like auto repair shops are not there for us and then we can realize their importance. Simple places like auto repairs where small-time mechanics work are also essential since if they are not there we won’t be able to get our car fixed and that in turn will result in people not reaching their jobs in time and this can cause so many problems because we rely on getting everywhere in a moment these days. We all can argue that we lived before the days of automatic vehicles driving us to our workplaces and colleges but that does not mean we can still live like that. We as a society cannot possibly progress if we do not have the means to travel. Look at the things we will be missing out on if vehicles were not there for us to use 

  • We will not be able to reach timely meetings and everything like work-related.
  • We cannot rush people to hospitals that need immediate medical attention.
  • Police cannot reach the crime scene in time and it can cause the lives of someone innocent.
  • Fire brigades will not be able to respond at the same level of speed as they do now.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg which is why we can say that having vehicles is really necessary. Now we can certainly see the problem with our previous argument which is that we are implying we do not have vehicles, but we are talking about repairs and how mechanics are important to society. The problem is manufacturing a car is also done by high-level mechanics who are creative enough to create them on their own, the first person to create the car was not some businessman making a company for profit no, it was a genius mechanic who figured out how to travel faster. This is why we need mechanics so much because without them people would be still traveling on animals to go somewhere.

Auto repairs are also really necessary for our society since if we do not have places to regularly maintain our vehicles in order to get the best out of them then we might as well not have them in the first place. luckily for us, there are a lot auto repair shops present around us no matter what part of the land you live on (well except the deserts like Sahara of course but you get the point) and you can that much easily find them by doing a simple internet search like auto repair near me and you can check which one is nearest to you, which one is the best and visit them whenever you feel like you need to.

Whether they are big-time hotshot engineers working on repairing a Boeing 777 or a part-time mechanic under the hood of a Camry in Omaha, they are all part of a class that is the reason we can see our families in person whenever we want to. They are the reason we can travel literally to the other part of the world in less than a day now and all of that is possible because of mechanics and how they have worked to shape this society into what it is today. We are not saying that they are the only working-class that made us who we are but not recognizing their role is pretty stupid. They gave us a means to travel and they make sure that it is working no matter what the situation is.