Everything About research chem flualprazolam

Flualprazolam, also known as 8-Chloro-6-(2-fluorophenyl)-1-methyl-4H-benzo[f] [1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a] [1,4]diazepine is a depressant substance of the class benzodiazepine. It’s chemical structure and affinity are highly related to another substance called alprazolam (also called “Xanax”) and there is one major difference between both of them, flualprazolam has a fluorine atom added into the structure. The research shows that the substance produces near-identical effects when compared against Xanax. Flualprazolam is a relatively new research chem on the market which is why it was only available to the masses once it was being sold online which started in 2017. It is recommended that the patient take the research chemical with water or any other liquid but it is highly suggested to avoid taking alcohol, opioids or any other kind of chemical with flualprazolam since numbing of senses, drowsiness can lead to greater problems down the line.

One of the major problems that come with taking the benzodiazepine chemicals is that they can easily turn into a habit and many patients start abusing the chemical without taking all the necessary precautions. Every single user who has been taking benzodiazepine chemicals should be wary that sudden discontinuation (not taking the chemicals regularly) can lead to life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. There are instances when patients start taking so much that they are physically dependent on it and need to consult an expert if they are trying to discontinue your medication. Tapering can be of great use in these situations, starting to decrease the quantity of dosage over time instead of stopping abruptly. Another thing that can help you not to fall into the habit trap of this medicine is to prevent accessing it yourself, or just keep it far away from your reach so that you can only take the medication when you need it to.

Proper quantity is essential in order to make sure that you are taking too much and losing yourself. You can take this research chemical orally or drink a solution. The results are highly dependent on how much you are taking and if you have any history with taking benzodiazepines, which if you do can be a problem since our body starts building up immunity towards these chemicals and once we start talking too much the effects start to slow down. The best use for this research chemical is similar to that of Xanax, you can take it to treat problems like anxiety disorder, panic disorder or you can treat acute depression fits if taken very carefully. tolerance against the sedative-hypnotic effects of this research chemical starts to build up in 1-2 weeks of continuous use and after more time passes could force you to increase your daily dosage. Although it is true for most people since there are unique cases when people who have been taking the benzodiazepines for such a long time suddenly stop taking the research chem and show no signs of withdrawals that are extreme like in the most average cases.


It is recommended that you take 0.25mg to 0.3mg if administered orally and this quantity can be taken up to twice in a day. If you are taking a dosage between 0.3-0.4 then you should only take a single dose in the morning or when you are feeling any bad symptoms. If you take any more than 0.5mg it would be considered an overdose and it should be highly avoided since even two or three dosages can start to spark a spark which could begin the addiction of this research chemical. How you take this chemical is on the patient but there is little research done on whether administering this research chem orally or using other methods can speak for its effectiveness which is why you should follow proper procedures and start with very little quantity and then gradually increase with care.

Researchers have compared flualprazolam against alprazolam (Xanax) and it was discovered that they aside from belonging to the same family of benzodiazepine, also have so similar to a chemical structure that almost every research done on Xanax can be easily applied to flualprazolam with some minor modifications. This is the reason why you will find every other research done on alprazolam being linked to flualprazolam and with using proper procedure and theoretical assumptions all the results have been adjusted for flualprazolam. Using psychoactive substances is relatively safe on their own but when combined with other things it can easily cause cataclysmic problems which is why you avoid testing flualprazolam with other administered chemicals like opioids, alcohol, or any other psychoactive substance.

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Flualprazolam, the member of the benzodiazepine family is really harmful if not administered with proper care which is why it is still not sold to the average civilian but can only be used for research purposes. Lizard labs can provide you with this research chemical easily and at a price much cheaper than most wholesale chemical providers. Benzodiazepine has many other research chemicals similar to flualprazolam which you can check out at the lizard Labs’ website.