Best alternative to liposuction surgery

Due to the changing lifestyle and unhabitual food, many people start finding some methods to reduce their unwanted weight and get a muscular & healthy body. In most of the fat reduction methods, it is found that liposuction provides the best outcomes. But as technology advances, it introduces several alternatives for fat loss & weight reduction. In this article, we will shortlist some of the alternative technologies for liposuction surgery

Results after liposuction 

The results of liposuction treatment are not visible as it takes about 14 days or 2 weeks to get out the final results when the bandages are removed and swelling is reduced. But the actual outcomes you can notice after 6 months.

People can also seek help from professional doctors to know more about liposuction.

Liposuction treatment is beneficial for those who have overweight. The non-surgical treatment gives you quick results and the improvements are seen in the next months. The results produced in the non-surgical procedure is real or permanent and not dramatic.

After liposuction surgery, you may suffer from pain and soreness.which will go away within a few days. The alternative surgeries of liposuction do not give your body such traumas. The post-treatment side effects are less and you will experience a comfortable treatment. Furthermore, the healing process after liposuction adversely affects your life.

Different Alternatives for liposuction Surgery.

Some of the alternatives are demonstrated that can delivers effective results as compared with liposuction:

  • Ultrasound therapy for fat removal: The best alternative for unnecessary fat removal is Ultrashape. It helps to remove the fat from the stomach, but it is more effective in removing fat from upper arms, butts, thighs, and hips. Ultrashape therapy is fully based on the ultrasound energy wave. The waves simply vapourize the excessive fat cells from the targeted area. A patient undergoing ultra shape should get a natural result as excessive fat cells are vaporized from the body.

This procedure without anesthesia does get done. It doesn’t take more time to remove fat cells from the body. At Last, proper diet & exercise maintains the overall results permanently.

  • CoolSculpting

This treatment is advised by your physician when it is proved that you are achieving your desired weight but the excessive fat cells stop you to reach that. These unnecessary fat cells can be eliminated from the stomach, love handles, upper arms and back fat. Cryolipolysis is used in this non-invasive procedure, where fat cells are highly crystallized at the breakdown level of fat cells. This treatment is painless and the only way to get the long-lasting results is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

  • SmartLipo

This alternative treatment includes a laser technology to liquefy the number of fat cells and decrease weight with a ruptured cell sealed simultaneously. The smart lipo therapy gives you mild fever, swelling, but can be treated with medicine. The overall recovery time in this process is quite less as compared with the other alternatives. Surgeons described that SmartLipo surgery can painlessly reduce weight. The patient can get back to its daily activities within 2-4 days after surgery.

  • ThermiRF

This advanced-level alternative therapy effectively heats your fat cells with RF i.e. radiofrequency to some level that they get dissolved and also tightens the loose skin. Moreover, it is also used to eliminate the excess amount of fat from the neck, arms, stomach and under your chin. This therapy delivers you the best-rated results & makes your body fit and healthy.